Missions Adventure for Kids

Girls in Action

Wednesdays,  6:00–7:15 pm

For girls in grades K–5, Girls in Action (GA) is dynamic missions discipleship. At UBC, our girls gather to learn what missionaries do, learn about people around the world, and discover what they can do to help people. They begin to understand that their mission is to love God and to love others. They will learn how to be “on mission” now and throughout their lives.

Room LC 227


Royal Ambassadors

Wednesdays, 6:00–7:30 pm

In RAs, boys (grades K-5) learn about UBC missions involvement, as well as missionaries and their work throughout the world. RAs also focus on important virtues such as loyalty, teamwork, and responsibility.

Pavilion  (3rd floor - inclement weather)


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Linda Goodale, 281-488-8517