Tapestry Dinner 2018 – The Largest Women’s Outreach Event of the Year

01.29.19 | Adults, Women

    Tapestry Night is a big, beautiful deal! UBC women go all out inviting friends and guests for an evening of fun decorations, delicious food, and great conversation. We plan all year for this huge event and attendees were not disappointed. The Fellowship Hall was draped in white lights, and the Chapel looked like a Cathedral. We hosted five tables for crisis workers and volunteers from local shelters that enjoy a partnership with UBC. We wanted to give back to them in a unique way. Also included were six tables of international women and friends. The fun and photography and selfies were enjoyed by all, and don’t forget all the handsome UBC men that served so tirelessly all evening. Over 300 women enjoyed a meal and then adjourned to the Worship Center for a delightful presentation by Anna Kang, a church planter from The House Los Angeles. Anna’s message struck a chord especially with our international friends who joined us that evening. A huge thank you goes out to everyone that contributed to the evening. We are already hard at work planning for next year. Put November 7, 2019, on your calendar!