New Apprentice Groups

New Apprentice Groups (small groups) will meet beginning the week of January 20, at UBC and in homes around the Clear Lake/Friendswood area. Participants will engage in healthy conversation around the topics of the book, Sacred Rhythms

To find an Apprentice Group that is just right for you, visit the sign-up tables in the Fellowship Hall before and after services on Sundays, January 6–20. Kingdom Care (childcare) available for some groups. 

About the Study:
Do you long for a deep, fundamental change in your life with God?

Begin 2019 with spiritual disciplines… Spiritual disciplines are activities that open us to God's transforming love. UBC’s Apprentice Groups invite you to dive deeper as they explore seven key disciplines and practical ideas for weaving them into everyday life with the book Sacred Rhythms by Ruth Haley Barton.

NEW Apprentice Groups (small groups)
When: January 20th-March 3rd
Where: UBC (University Baptist Church) & homes around Clear Lake/Friendswood
For more information email:  

Student Apprentice Groups begin January 27th 

Groups Available: 

Empty Nesters Group – 9:30 AM, UBC, EB103

Robinson – 5:00 PM, UBC, EB202

Gilder – 5:30 PM, UBC, EB203

Glenn – 5:30 PM, UBC, EB201

Mobley – 5:30 PM, UBC, EB211

Shutika - 6:00 PM, UBC, EB206


Ozenberger – 7:00 PM, League City (space limited)


Tatum – 5:30 PM, UBC, EB209

Harold – 6:00 PM, UBC, EB204

Ellingsen – 6:30 PM, Clear Lake/Brookwood

Smith – 6:00 PM, UBC, EB207

Cox – 6:00 PM, UBC, EB206


Kuhlman – 7:00 PM, League City/South Shore


Carpenter – More details coming soon, Off Campus/Clear Lake