Our Mission

Our Mission Statement:

Becoming a family of Christ followers, connecting people with God's Kingdom.

Our Strategy

We encourage all believers to Belong, Prepare, and Serve (BPS).


Characterized by Unity; A Place where People can find Community

  • Share life together through faith in Christ, worship, and small group participation
  • Care for one another through major milestones and transitions
  • Reach our Community by actively sharing our God stories and inviting others


To help individuals grow in spiritual maturity and become more like Christ

  • Live the Christian life, including marital health, parenting, financial responsibility, grief support, and addiction support
  • Know God’s Word, theology, and history of the Christian church
  • Serve by understanding God’s calling, unique spiritual gifts, and service opportunities
  • Grow through Spiritual Disciplines


We try to help every member find their “calling” to work together to make the Kingdom of God a present reality wherever we are.

  • In the Church by assisting in Worship, WBS Classes, or some other ministry
  • In the Community by caring for those in need & sharing Christ in our neighborhoods
  • Outside of Houston by assisting in places where God has provided open doors for UBC-ers to engage in ministry
Biblical Model

(Based on Acts 1-12)

  • Holy Spirit empowers the work of the church (2:1-4)
  • Followers of Jesus declared the Gospel to others (2:14-26; 3:11-26; 7:1-53)
  • The church shared with and took care of one another (4:32-37; 6:1-6)
  • The church cared for the needs of others (3:1-10; 9:32-43)
  • Obstacles to the church’s work were constant but didn’t slow down her work (4:1-12; 5:1-11, 17-32; 7:54-8:3; 12:1-19)
  • Salvation was received by many and the church expanded in influence (2:37-42; 8:12, 34-38; 9:1-19; 10:34-43; 11:19-30)