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The Executive Council (EC) is charged with making decisions on behalf of the congregation to carry out the mission of the church. They do so with the Senior Pastor's spiritual and practical leadership and the resource management of the Executive Director. The Executive Council is made up of seven (7) members including the Senior Pastor, the Executive Director, and five lay members. The strategic focus of this unified team is to intentionally turn vision into strategy and then to implement through the budgets, facilities, staffing, programs, missions, and other resources. The five lay members of the Executive Council also act as supervisor of the Senior Pastor by evaluating his performance and managing compensation. The lay members of the EC plus the Senior Pastor act as supervisor of the Executive Director by evaluating his performance and managing compensation.

Letter from the Executive Council 2021

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1. What is the role of the Senior Pastor at University Baptist Church?

According to Article 3 (Section 3.01. A) of UBC’s Bylaws, “The Senior Pastor is responsible for leading the Church to function as a New Testament Church. He will have charge of the welfare and oversight of the Church. He will conduct religious services, administer the ordinances, minister to the needs of the members of the congregation and community, and perform other pastoral duties. He will have charge of the pulpit ministry of this Church. He will develop and communicate the Church vision to the membership and he will lead the congregation, the organizations, and the Church staff to perform their tasks in fulfilling the mission of the Church.”

2. What is the role of the Executive Director at University Baptist Church?

According to Article 3 (Section 3.01.B) of UBC’s Bylaws, “The Executive Director is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the church including the management of all staff positions, the development and management of the annual budget, and the implementation of the church vision.”

Here is a statement from our current Executive Director, David Mobley: “When I was hired, the responsibilities of the Senior Pastor and my role were explained and have been lived out that the Pastors report to the Senior Pastor for all things related to spiritual ministry, including establishing church-wide goals and setting their ministry area goals.

The Pastors are managed by the Executive Director for administrative things such as check requests, management of their budget, executing their goals (established with the Senior Pastor), and management of facilities.

The purpose of the Executive Director is to free the Senior Pastor from administrative matters that take his attention away from the congregation, the staff, and the mission of the church.

I believe this is a worthy position and one that I have given the last 13 years to accomplishing.”

3. Will the Pastor Search Task Force or a small group of people decide the next Senior Pastor for UBC?

No, according to Article 3 of UBC Bylaws (Section 3.03 on Procedures for Filling Vacancies), the following steps are outlined for filling the Senior Pastor position:

1. The pastoral candidate shall be required to preach to the congregation at each of the regularly scheduled worship services. At least eight days prior to the designated services which the pastoral candidate is to preach, the resident membership will be notified by mail that a vote on the Pastor’s call will be taken. Announcements will also be made in all worship services two weeks prior to the pastoral candidate’s sermons.

2. At least one week prior to the pastoral candidate’s sermons, the Search Task Force will hold an open forum with the members present for presentation and discussion of the pastoral candidate.

3. On the weekend the pastoral candidate is to preach, an open forum will be held between the Church membership and pastoral candidate for an informal discussion.

4. The vote shall be taken at the conclusion of each of the worship services. A quorum for voting to extend an offer of the position of Senior Pastor shall be twenty-five percent (25%) of the membership. The vote will be by secret ballot and will be tallied and announced as soon as possible after the conclusion of the last morning service.

5. An affirmative vote of at least seventy-five percent (75%) of the members present and voting in favor of acceptance of the Search Task Force’s recommendation


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