2020 YouTube

2020 by the Numbers


While UBC has had a YouTube channel for a number of years, it was seldom used. 2020 forced us to dust off that platform and strap on some rocket boosters. When we moved completely online at the start of the pandemic, we began to live stream and post both of our English language worship services and other content on our YouTube channel and voila! An active channel was born.


Here are the deets! We uploaded a whopping 4391 minutes of YouTube content in 2020. UBC gained 220 new subscribers and 7,708 new views.


Viewers spent 125,109 minutes participating in worship via YouTube and watching our videos in 2020! That's a HUGE bunch of minutes, so thank you for supporting our YouTube channel! We hope God has blessed you through this online portal as we have worshiped together "onsite and online" throughout 2020.


Invite others to Join us on YouTube!

You can watch a current or previous live worship service on our YouTube page at www.youtube.com/user/ubchouston