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Saviour: A Modern Oratorio (Focus, Jan 2016)

Posted by Matt Marsh on

In two services on Sunday morning, December 20, over 1,600 UBC congregants and Bay Area guests settled into the Worship Center for a multi-sensory experience. 

Through twelve captivating works of music and dance, Saviour: A Modern Oratorio was told through the talents of UBC’s choir, orchestra, soloists, media team, and special musical and dance guests, conveying the story of God pursuing His people, from creation through resurrection. 

Images of Jesus’ life and beautiful landscapes were projected across the back walls, and paired beautifully with Ad Deum, a Houston-based professional modern/contemporary dance company that performs interpretive works of dance. Attendees enjoyed the active live dance scenes, which included tempting snakes in the Garden of Eden, a king’s struggle for power without God, and a flowing, red-scarf performance symbolizing the ultimate sacrifice of Christ.

As the orchestra played their ambitious scores, the choir rang out, pairing poetic, free verse vocals with thought-provoking lyrics. Christian-recording artist and special guest Adam Paul Williams graciously performed as an orotund tenor, and complimented the other male and female soloists. 

A UBCer wrote of her experience with Saviour

I wanted to let you know how much I loved our Saviour performance. It had a couple of special meanings. For starters, my daughter attended. (I didn’t know my husband was letting her stay in the Sanctuary, and I only saw her after we filed into the choir loft.) 

She accepted Christ earlier this year, but [this] was the first time she had seen photos of the Crucifixion (other than what is in children’s Bibles). The videos and photos were stunning. She spent time during the performance quizzing my mom, whom she was sitting beside, about the crown of thorns and the three crosses, etc. What a beautiful way to continue conversations with her regarding her salvation and what Jesus did for us. I was able to follow up with her after church and answer more questions. 

The next day, after my mom returned home, she drove an acquaintance to work. She was telling her passenger about the Saviour performance. Mom summarized the whole production as well as her conversation with my daughter after seeing the images of the Crucifixion. The lady began to cry. As they were driving, they passed a house in the country with a sign that her friend read out loud: “Do you know where you would go if you died today?” My mom asked her if she had an answer to that question. She said, “No.” My mom asked if she wanted to have an answer and she replied, “Yes!” Mom pulled off the side of the road, prayed with her, and led the lady to Christ! 

I just wanted to say thanks again for all your hard work. It is a beautiful thing to see the fruits, know how God was glorified, and how others were encouraged in their faith as a result of this effort. 

Saviour: A Modern Oratorio is a unique Christmastime service that is enjoyed annually at UBC. We hope you and your guests will join us for the next performance in December 2016.



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