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Living the Story: Sonja Johnson

Posted by Sonja Johnson on

This summer, Pastor Steve told the stories of Jonah, Nehemiah and Ruth. The summer series was called Living the Story. We asked you to share your story with us, your UBC Family. These are those stories…

Houston Welcomes Refugees came to UBC in February of this year to give a presentation about refugees in our city. It convinced me that I could make a difference. I got assigned to a team, and our family arrived at Houston Intercontinental Airport in May. The father was already here in America, waiting years for his family to arrive. It was a beautiful moment to witness a family reuniting. With other relatives in Houston, they are lucky because they already had some guidance to help them settle here. Through the family, I got connected to Faith Center. Faith Center is a place where refugee families can go and get prayer, food, clothing and household items. I got to see the needs they have. I got to talk to them about the hope found in God’s promises to us. I got to see my excess of clothes, toys, and household items go out to families who need it. Jesus told us to go and make disciples of all nations, and I thought that meant to go far away on a mission trip. Now I see that all the nations have come to us, they are a car ride away. They are hungry to hear about this Jesus.

Sonja Johnson


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