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Living the Story: Renee Page

Posted by Renee Page on

This summer, Pastor Steve told the stories of Jonah, Nehemiah and Ruth. The summer series was called Living the Story. We asked you to share your story with us, your UBC Family. These are those stories…

 The Invitation

One hundred words can’t begin to describe the ways God has touched my life since joining UBC. Church has taught me the importance of community, dependence, and the Bible. It was here that I heard the sermon on Ephesians that flipped a switch, preparing me for the husband I was about to meet.

 So how did I get here?

 Walking into the church alone feels like the first day of school with no friends and everyone staring at you. But I wasn’t simply invited - she offered to meet me at the door and sit with me. And here I am today.

Renee Page


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