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Living the Story: Cathey Leonard

Posted by Cathey Leonard on

This summer, Pastor Steve told the stories of Jonah, Nehemiah and Ruth. The summer series was called Living the Story. We asked you to share your story with us, your UBC Family. These are those stories…

On January 25th, 2015, life as I had known it abruptly came to a screeching halt. My husband of 28 years, Bob Leonard, died very suddenly. How could I possibly go on without the love of my life, my rock? I went through a bereavement class at my son's church which was a big help. God began to stir in my heart and give me a burning desire to help other people dealing with loss. But, UBC did not have any organized classes for this. I felt under-qualified to even suggest to anyone what I was thinking. But when God is ready to move, the doors will open! Little did I know that Randy Cox had already spoken to Rick Carpenter about starting GriefShare at our church and I was eager to help. The class is also helping me to heal. If we call on God to help us, it’s incredible what can happen when we get out of the way and allow Him to lead. I am so excited to see what God has in store for my life!


Cathey Leonard


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