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Kid's Area Renovations Complete!

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A few words from Karen Murphy, Associate Pastor of Children’s Ministries: 

We were challenged at the start of renovations to create walls in our halls that were both educational and inspirational. With a children’s perspective in mind, we have taken the “Belonging, Preparing, and Serving” vision of our church and put that on the wall visually. Using an airplane, we’ve invited kids to join a spiritual journey of Serving. It starts at home and then they can “travel” to the Dominican Republic, Africa, Central America, or meet the Navajo people. The sky’s the limit. We’ve incorporated the theme into a fun mural to imagine together as if they are in an airport and could go to these places. Then, to support Belonging and Preparing, I’m excited that every single week kids will see five faith goals as a part of a treasure that we hope they find. We hope they will learn how to navigate through the Bible, learn how to pray, live a life of worship and learn how to share and defend their faith.

Read more about the complete renovations here


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