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Getting to Know Senior Adults (Focus, April 2015)

Posted by Dr. Milton Redeker on

Senior adult ministry in the 21st century conveys the idea that today's seniors have more friends than ever before. Senior adults are becoming much more sociable these days. They are generally healthier and emphatically happier. In a way, they have followed our cultural and social trends. They are loving and predictable.

I've heard it said that McDonald’s is the most popular hamburger restaurant in the world, not because people expect to get the best burger but because people know what they are going to get. It's true. Whenever you enter into a McDonald’s (with a few possible exceptions), you find the washrooms in the same place as in any other McDonald’s, the registers in the same place, the same art on the walls and the same exact food. Seniors, like all of us, love predictability. We love to know what's coming our way. The main thing I have learned is that seniors’ ministry thrives on repetition and predictability.

In the last three months, the Prime Time Ministry has welcomed visitors from Michigan, California, New Mexico, Arizona, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Arkansas, Kentucky, Lousiana, Washington, Pennsylvania, Oregon and Hawaii. Program personalities have included The Buckaroos, James Redeker and Jeremy Gaston. The Buckaroos played and sang some of Prime Timers favorite Country and Western songs, while James Redeker accompanied himself on the guitar and sang and played songs from the 50's and 60's. Then Jeremy Gaston wowed the senior adults with his piano excellence and his magic and juggling expertise.

The Prime Timers will take a vacation from the monthly dinners in June and July to attend grandchildren’s weddings, graduations, vacations and cruises. The summer emphasis will be on upcoming bus trips to various famous locations. Coming events are: Senior Adult Game Days (bring your own snacks and games to the Chapel from 10 am to noon), Tuesday bowling at AMF Bowling Lanes from noon to 3 pm, Prime Timers Homecoming in the fall, along with a Senior Adult Retreat, Senior Adult Revival, and High Attendance Sundays that will give one an opportunity to invite friends, relatives, neighbors and work associates. There will be a group picture made at the Prime Timer Homecoming of all former and present Prime Time members. And there will be an overnight charter bus trip to Dallas and Ft. Worth with the emphasis on a tour of the George Bush Library/Museum. The 2015 Prime Time Ministry will come to a close with the traditional Thanksgiving and Christmas banquets.

Senior Adult WBS groups are comprised of the Young At Heart, Active Adults, Journey to Joy, Alpha/Omega, Voyager and Pathfinders. Leaders for these outstanding groups are: M.C. and Vickie Coody, Charles Roberson, Karen Boyce, Sherry Bock, Karla Anderson, Theda Kimmel, Phil and Debbie Hampton, Gary Hegler, Dan Robinson, Dr. Chirold Epp, Dr. Larry Higgs, Jane Bock, Pat Akkerman, Sandy Quandt, Wally Long and Ron and Doris Shillcut. These leaders and members compose one of UBC’s largest WBS groups. This WBS group welcomes our newest staff member who will lead all WBS groups, Dr. G.D. Robinson.


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