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Earliest Childhood Memory

Posted by David Mobley on

I heard somewhere that your earliest childhood memory has a significant influence on your life. I feel very fortunate that my earliest memory is of a spiritual nature. My Great Aunt’s church was having a special day to honor her. She suffered from polio, was wheelchair bound, had a son with Tourette’s syndrome who cursed like a sailor nonstop, and yet she had the presence of the Lord more than anyone I have ever met. The Americans with Disabilities Act was still 30 years in the making so getting her to the church required my muscled-up, coca-cola-delivering dad to carry her to and from the car and church. It was a small, white, wood frame Pentecostal church. I remember the bare wood floors and I had to tiptoe to see over the pew.

The thing that makes this come to mind was the worship time and the dancing that went with it. It was well before I could have formed any opinions on the “style” of worship or the appropriateness of dancing before the Lord. All I remember is straining to see over the pew. I was frustrated that I couldn’t see the front of the church because I wanted to see what God looked like. Even as small child, I knew He was there!

Not a bad first memory. I still find myself straining to see what He looks like as I experience His presence in our worship services. And yes I often have to restrain myself to keep from dancing. It would not be a pretty sight!

How about you?  What is your earliest spiritual memory?


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