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My Granddog

Posted by Lora Doremus on

My college-aged daughter, Lindsay, did a crazy thing recently. She adopted a dog. And she didn’t just adopt your run-of-the-mill SPCA dog. She adopted a purebred Australian Shepherd. He is white with brown markings and he’s got crazy blue eyes. And he is deaf. I didn’t know...

Let Us Draw Near...Together

Posted by Lora Doremus on

Have you ever thought about why most gym memberships are begun in the month of January? Is it because we feel like we've been so self indulgent during the holidays that it's time to buckle down and renew some sense of self-discipline? After all, if we lived the way we tend to live...

One Sunday (a story loosely based on facts)

Posted by Lora Doremus on

This story is something I made up. It's a conglomeration of true stories I have heard over the years with some slight embellishments. It COULD happen though! One Sunday I attended University Baptist Church. I pulled into the parking lot where someone had set up cones so that overflow parking...