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Rick's Sabbatical

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Rick Carpenter’s passion about spiritual formation is known by most of us as he coordinates our apprentice groups each Spring. His love for his family is also no surprise. So how fitting that he is taking the opportunity for both during his sabbatical this summer. He began his time away...

Executive Director’s Report, Spring 2017

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Most of our kids’ informative years were spent running the hallways of UBC. Sometimes they were a little too comfortable and there are lots of Mobley kid stories to go around. Staci celebrated her birthday on multiple Sundays until Chris Haynes let her know that wasn’t how birthdays...

Pavilion Update (Focus, Aug 2016)

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The Pavilion funding has been used to dry it in and preserve the structure until funding is available for completion. We engaged a new architect to complete the detailed design of the roofing system and are currently out for bids. The initial bids were high due to too many undefined...

Executive Director’s Report

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We tend to overcomplicate things. Ever heard those words? Maybe you’ve spoken them. We Houstonians live in the midst of the NASA community, as well as one of the most petrochemical business-laden areas of the world. We are home to world-renowned medical facilities and, more locally, boast...


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I did what some may call crazy…with my two sons, Joshua and Stephen, we jumped out of a perfectly good airplane. It was the day before Stephen’s wedding and it was an awesome experience. Lots of good God moments when you are standing in an open door looking at the patchwork of the...

Earliest Childhood Memory

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I heard somewhere that your earliest childhood memory has a significant influence on your life. I feel very fortunate that my earliest memory is of a spiritual nature. My Great Aunt’s church was having a special day to honor her. She suffered from polio, was wheelchair bound, had a son...