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"Your Serve" Ministry (Focus, Dec 2016)

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The primary purpose of the Your Serve ministry is to guide adult UBC members to a ministry serving opportunity that is a perfect fit for them. Did you know that there are twenty-two categories that contain over three hundred ways to serve Christ through the ministries of UBC with time...

Fall Festival 2016

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Growing and Changing the Community Each Year  This year’s Fall Festival featured great weather and lots of new faces! Fall Festival is UBC’s largest annual community outreach event, and this year served over 1,700 people from our Clear Lake community. Those attending the...

Focus Book Sept-Dec 2016

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Focus Book Be inspired as you learn of recent transformations happening through each ministry, and be moved to act after a sneak peek into what’s to come! Get your Focus! in the Connection Café, view in the UBC Houston app, or download it online today. Download the...

UBC Serving Ministries Announcement

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UBC Serving Ministries Announcement! The beautiful, new Serving Ministries Corner (formerly the Pastor's Reception area) is complete. Stop by the Fellowship Hall today to be inspired! Learn about serving opportunities both locally and around the world. Have a cup of coffee and learn about how...

Pavilion Update (Focus, Aug 2016)

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The Pavilion funding has been used to dry it in and preserve the structure until funding is available for completion. We engaged a new architect to complete the detailed design of the roofing system and are currently out for bids. The initial bids were high due to too many undefined...