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Thoughts on the Mystery of Ephesians

Posted by Steve Laufer on

I often tell people that the study of the Bible really is one of those practices where the more you learn, the more you realize how little you know. But a follow-up point that should also be mentioned, as I’ve also found to be the case, is that the more I learn about it, the more confident...

Easter Traditions

Posted by Melissa Dutton on

Easter is such an amazing time of year. So many times we have many Christmas traditions—but what about Easter traditions? One of my favorite traditions in our Weekday Ministries program is our Flowering of the Cross Chapel. We have an old wooden cross that stands before us; and our...

One Sunday (a story loosely based on facts)

Posted by Lora Doremus on

This story is something I made up. It's a conglomeration of true stories I have heard over the years with some slight embellishments. It COULD happen though! One Sunday I attended University Baptist Church. I pulled into the parking lot where someone had set up cones so that overflow parking...

Earliest Childhood Memory

Posted by David Mobley on

I heard somewhere that your earliest childhood memory has a significant influence on your life. I feel very fortunate that my earliest memory is of a spiritual nature. My Great Aunt’s church was having a special day to honor her. She suffered from polio, was wheelchair bound, had a son...

Agents of Peace

Posted by Steve Laufer on

Much like an artist or a writer, as a preacher there are some sermons that I’m very happy with and others much less so. (Fortunately, because the whole preaching process is a spiritual exercise, how pleased I am with the finished product has absolutely nothing to do with how well it...