What's Your Story?

To those who are LIVING the STORY—

What’s your story? Maybe you think it’s not much. But what about your story as it has intersected with God’s story?

This summer, Pastor Steve will be telling the stories of Jonah, Nehemiah, and Ruth. The summer series is called Living the Story. Now you may think your story doesn’t “swim” with Jonah’s story, but it’s your story, and it’s God’s story, and that’s what makes it valuable. So we want you to share your story with us—the UBC family.

Here’s the kicker—Rick Carpenter says we have to do it in 100 words or less. He tried it. Here’s his example:

10 years ago, I began to sense that God was wanting to radically change me—In MY 50’S?!? I read the teachings of Foster and Willard, and attended spiritual formation conferences here at UBC, in Denver, and in Wichita, only to learn that I CAN’T—change. But, more importantly, I learned that God CAN change me—even change how I think and feel. I tried for years to do it myself. Now I know:   it happens best in a group, like Apprentice groups. I’ve quit trying. I’m learning to trust—God. You can’t see it? It’s slow. But it’s real! (100 words)

So would you please share your story with us, your UBC family, in 100 words or less? Remember:

  1. low on detail,
  2. high on dates and places and activities,
  3. ending with a statement of how the power of God transformed, taught, sent, turned, led, guided, called, YOU to service and ministry.


It’s not a competition. Your story isn’t better or worse than someone else’s. It’s just YOURS. And it’s not about a ministry—it’s about you and what God is doing in and through you, perhaps in ministry and service.

Send it in a word doc or some other format that can be edited to: . Include a jpeg-or-similarly formatted recent picture of yourself (headshot, or one that can easily be cropped down to a headshot).

You are one of 20 people that we’re asking do this before the series starts. But all summer, more, maybe hundreds of people will be writing their stories. Watch for yours and theirs on the Fellowship Hall LIVING THE STORY Wall. This is gonna be good!