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May 13, 2018

We Are Becoming a Family

We Are Becoming a Family

Passage: Mark 3:20-35

Speaker: Dr. Steven Laufer

Series: Our Mission

Category: Sunday Sermons

Keywords: commitment, community, covenant, family, loyalty

It remains one of Jesus’s key developmental concepts that he redefined family around the spiritual community, with God as Father. Family loyalties in the ancient world were some of the most tightly bound relationships, just as today. And Jesus didn’t necessarily want to encourage poor family dynamics. Rather he wanted that same type of loyalty and commitment to be present among his followers. The Church in America today seems to have taken a very far swing in the direction of “business” and away from “family.” We certainly strive to operate on sound and professional business principles at UBC, but OUR MISSION is to be growing together as a family, knowing that we are not there yet, but striving to continue growing in our own faith and growing together as a community of faith. (Mk 3:20-35; Acts 2:42-47; 1 Tim 5:1-2)