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Jul 16, 2017

The Odyssey

The Odyssey

Passage: Nehemiah 2:1-10

Speaker: Dr. Steven Laufer

Series: Living the Story: Nehemiah

Category: Sunday Sermons

The practice of prayer should not stand by itself. The passion of Nehemiah’s prayer in chapter 1 led to the boldness of action in chapter 2. Perhaps as much as 3 months had passed, but Nehemiah knew that the broken heartedness that led him to pray must also lead him to act. And so, with well-planned, calculated effort, he approached the King and inquired about freedom and help to seek the community transformation that he longed to see. In our own communities today, are we willing to play a role in being the answer to the prayers that we pray? And if so, what are the steps we need to take to bring our prayers into the world of plans?