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May 21, 2017

Balancing Small Talk with Conversation of Substance

Balancing Small Talk with Conversation of Substance

Passage: Proverbs 10:14-19

Speaker: Dr. Steven Laufer

Series: Balancing Act

Category: Sunday Sermons

Keywords: boasting, communication, gossip, honesty, speech

Proverbs may have more to say about our speech than any other singular topic, which is appropriate considering that the book itself is designed as instruction passed along from a generation of parents to their children. Subjects such as gossip, lying, encouraging, boasting, correcting, and blessing fill the book. As we think about balancing our communication, limiting foolish speech and embracing wise speech is obviously important. But if in our efforts to avoid tough conversations, we avoid communication at a deeper level, on subjects that are formative for everyone, then we have traded substantive conversation for mere small talk. In this too, balance is needed. Prov (foolish) 10:14, 19; 14:23; 15:28; 18:13; 29:11, 20; (wise) 10:13; 12:18; 16:23-24; 20:15; 22:17-18