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Feb 26, 2017

Adding an ER: The Church at Sardis

 Adding an ER: The Church at Sardis

Passage: Revelation 3:1-6

Speaker: Dr. Steven Laufer

Series: Interior Design

Category: Sunday Sermons

Keywords: apathy, complacency, salvation, spiritual life, mere religion

In every church there are those who fully believe they have spiritual life, but one day will discover that Jesus does not know them for they are truly spiritually dead. In an emergency room people who are on the verge of dying and passing on into eternity are brought to see expert nurses and physicians that they may administer medical treatment and restore what is necessary for life to continue. The church in Sardis was in need of a spiritual ER for most of its members, and it calls every church and every reader to examine their own lives for a spiritual pulse.