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Feb 04, 2018

A Community Wandering

A Community Wandering

Passage: Numbers 13:26-14:35

Speaker: Dr. Steven Laufer

Series: Faces of Community

Category: Sunday Services

Keywords: complaining, contentment, disobedience, wandering

Instead of following in faith where God was leading them, the Exodus generation of Israelites chose to disregard God’s previous work and ignore his command to enter the promised land. As a result, they would spend the rest of their lives wandering in a place not intended for them. And with that season of wandering came hardships, lack of purpose, and a waterfall of complaining and grumbling. The same phenomenon can be seen today. When God’s people aren’t going and doing what the Lord commands, they end up wandering, with all the side effects that go along with it. (Num 13:26—14:35; 12:1-2; 16:1-3, 28-35)