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Tapestry Dinner (Focus, Dec 2016)

01.31.17 | Adults, Women


    Tapestry Dinner is the largest outreach event of the year in Women’s Ministry. This year, we set a record for attendance as women brought friends and neighbors to share a meal around beautifully decorated tables and to hear a program by Rachel Norris, speaker and owner of Joy Pottery in Bryan, Texas. Mrs. Norris’ testimony was powerful and transparent, and many lives were touched by her openness. As she molded clay right in front of us, she talked about our own transformation in the Potter’s hand. 

    It was mesmerizing. We were able to host seven tables of international women and many wore formal dress from their own countries. Many attended who have no church affiliation. They each received a handwritten thank you for attending and an invitation to join UBC for all of the Christmas services.