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Space Weekend (Focus, Dec 2016)

01.31.17 | Missions

    October 1–2 was SpaceWeekend at UBC. Ninety-five international students (from ten different countries and multiple faith backgrounds) and their seventeen UBC host families gathered in the Chapel on Saturday night. As they got to know each other during the UBC-provided dinner, a live view of Earth from the International Space Station was projected on the Chapel screen by the multimedia team. 

    After dinner, ISS flight director Ed Van Cise shared his personal story of family, education, career and faith. Ed’s testimony of the evidence of God’s power and love in his life resonated with the students. Later that evening at the host homes (which was the first visit to an American home for most of the students), the topic was discussed more in casual conversations. 

    For most of the students, Sunday was their first time in any church. Dr. Laufer’s Sunday morning message centered on Jacob, a biblical character known in many faiths. It provided more opportunities for students and hosts to discuss spiritual topics during Weekend Bible Study, then at lunch in Clear Lake Park. 

    UBC is one of three area churches that individually hosted a SpaceWeekend in 2016. This opportunity to share Christ’s love is an investment in the spiritual lives of many international students.