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Sound of Light: Shining Light Through Music Ministry (Focus, Apr 2016)

04.30.16 | General, Worship

    We all know and appreciate our contemporary worship band, Sound of Light. They fill our hearts and minds with inspirational, heart-lifting praise music every Sunday morning, at special services like Worship Night and at other events held throughout the year at UBC.

    What you may not know is that their ministry is so much more. Besides their
    mission of providing quality worship planning through “spot-on theology,” they aim, as an extension of UBC, to go beyond our walls and reach into the local community and abroad to inspire others and point them to Christ. Like a prism catching light, they refract and disperse the love found at UBC into many facets of service through devoted leadership and music.

    In collaboration with Dunn Bros. Coffee in Friendswood, the band has periodic opportunities to perform at the quaint coffee house in front of audience of local customers. In this relaxed setting, they mingle with listeners, having conversations about faith and making personal connections. People are being led to learn more about Christ, as well as learn about the church family we have here at UBC.

    Sound of Light fan Ken Smith shared: 

    My family and I first encountered Sound of Light in January 2015 at a student disciple weekend...the band led worship in a powerful way that impacted lives, including my own. I will always remember some of the students on their knees in worship and prayer as the band led worship...I have been truly blessed and strengthened through the power of their music as it glorifies the Father, Son and Spirit. I have connected with their lyrics, which has given me a greater sense and appreciation of who God is...

    Moving outside the reverent aspect of worship, the band continues their discipleship in other, more unsuspecting venues. In March, Sound of Light released their second album, New Day. More “radio centric,” the musical tracks are comparable to that of the contemporary rock band Foo Fighters, and are expected to reach more of an “alternative” audience and similar venues. The album is available online at and is also being played by 95.3 FM Revive, a Christian radio station in Friendswood, which broadcasts content that is a combination of both teaching and music.

    Shining on, the band is currently in the midst of writing music for another album, this time with a more minimalistic, acoustic sound. The album, while deceptively simple, will run deep, reflecting a sort of personal anthem about life for UBCers—what we are walking through as a church together and also in our communities. The album is scheduled for recording later this year.

    New Day is available for download on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and most other digital music providers, and can also be streamed on Spotify.