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Personnel Updates

05.31.17 | General | by Melissa Dutton

    Faith@Home Coordinator 

    Moving forward, making changes, thinking outside the box....some of the many things I love about working at UBC. Over the past 13 years that I have been the Director of Weekday Ministries, I have become very involved in numerous ministries within our church. 

    One of these ministries that began about three years ago is Faith@Home. Faith@Home is a multifaceted ministry effort that exists to help people become intentional about building faith into everyday life. Our pastoral staff and our Executive Council see value in expanding this ministry to help meet the needs of the people in our church and our community. To support this growth, they are giving me the opportunity to expand my role at UBC to not only be the Director of Weekday Ministries but to also be the Faith@Home Coordinator. With these added responsibilities, I will be able to coordinate with our pastors and associate pastors to organize events, workshops, and classes around Faith@Home themes…programs like “How to Have a Strong Marriage,” “How to Help Your Child Grow in Their Faith,” “How to Handle the Toddler Years,” How to Handle the Teenage Years,” and the list goes on and on. 

    This new position will take me away from Weekday Ministries in some ways, but I am happy to say that God went before us and prepared the way! Laura Davis has agreed to work with me and share the role of Director of Weekday Ministries. We both share a love and passion for preschoolers and their families! 

    As we move forward, make changes and truly think outside the box...we are seeking God to guide us each step of the way. This whole process has been taking shape for many months. God was shaping us, and we did not even realize it. He is an amazing God, and we will continue to seek Him as He guides us in the direction that He needs us to go.