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Helping and Serving Refugees (Focus, Dec 2016)

01.31.17 | Missions

    Houston has the distinction of resettling more refugees than any other part of the United States. These families, which come from devastated parts of the world, have the opportunity to heal and start their lives again in our country. In a bit of God-sized irony, God is helping us fill the Great Commission by bringing people to us from countries that we would likely never visit! 

    This fall, people from UBC engaged in two different activities related to refugees. Eight people picked up new refugee families from the airport and took them to their new apartments. Approximately thirty people purchased, assembled and delivered “welcome baskets” of staple food items to refugee families already living in southwest Houston. DVDs about the story of Jesus were also offered to families, many of whom chose to accept that additional gift. 

    The following are two testimonials from each of the engagement events: 

    “Sandra and I both came away feeling so blessed to have been able to be a part of helping to reunite a family that had been apart for who knows how long. One of the local family members who met them at the airport told me that he had been in Houston for sixteen years. We would love to do it again.” – Jerry Hayley (Airport testimonial, late August) 

    “We had a great time delivering our baskets. We had two families from the Congo and one family from Syria. The family from Syria invited us in. My husband, Jake, and the dad of the Syrian family used Google-translate to talk to each other. They shared pictures with us from where they are from and where he worked in the metal industry. His wife and daughter fixed us coffee and we all sat at their kitchen table and practiced saying each other’s names and listening to the men talk. That seemed to be the custom for the women and children to sit and listen to the men talk. We also explained Halloween to them so they wouldn’t be surprised by all the costumes. My son had fun learning how to say the kids names and playing with them. It was a great experience for our family and they were very happy to have company.” – Sarah Beth, Jake, and Owen McClintock (Basket delivery testimonial, October 30)