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Glamping Trip (Focus, Dec 2016)

01.31.17 | Adults

    The Young Adults were able to get away from the hustle and bustle of our crazy lives in Houston and spend a weekend surrounded by nature at Fairfield Lake State Park, giving about 20–25 of us the opportunity to grow closer as friends and followers of Christ. 

    On Friday, November 11, we all trickled into the park throughout the day setting up camp, the more experienced campers assisting the novices. Thank you Michael Shutika for being our logistics man. 

    Saturday was filled with fishing, hiking, kayaking and great food thanks to Elayni Stokes and Aaron Colunga who arranged for our meals. Actually, “feast” would be a better description – that night we had a full fajita buffet! Josh Miller then led us in worship under the stars which gave us the opportunity to focus our eyes upon God. 

    On Sunday morning, Jeff Doi led us in Bible study using scriptures and topics he had gathered from young adults and focused on different concerns or struggles he found people were experiencing. The exercise helped us to better relate to each other, and allowed us to see that you can always find strength and comfort in God and his Word and from our brothers and sisters. 

    The weekend was a remarkable time together and wouldn’t have been possible without everyone working so closely together. Thank you! 

    by Christina Quinn