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Facilities Update: Kid's Area Renovations (Focus, Apr 2017)

05.31.17 | General, Children | by David Mobley

    We are so excited to be in the final stages of the renovation of our Children’s Ministry space. You may recall that we set out on a two-part renovation plan in 2013. Our Preschool, Children and Student Ministries were spread out across our campus with preschoolers in the Learning Center, children in the Education Building, and students in the Learning Center. It was a challenge to our UBC families and very confusing to our visitors. During these discussions, we received a significant gift that provided the resources to begin the transition. 

    The congregation enthusiastically received the plan to relocate our children to the second floor of the Learning Center. The first phase was to renovate the current children’s classrooms to provide meeting space for our adults. This project was completed in three phases to allow the children and adults to continue to meet during the construction. The adult space was completed in late 2014, and the children moved to the Learning Center occupying the space “as it was” until funds were available to begin the next part of the project. 

    In total, 265 families responded and gave $600,000 to the project over two and a half years. Budget surpluses were used to provide an additional $200,000. 

    The renovations included: 

    • Bathroom modifications to move the entrance into the children space for improved safety as well as making them kid friendly, 

    • Entrance update to provide a roomy welcome area with check in and guest connection, 

    • Age appropriate aesthetics reflecting UBC’s Belonging, Preparing and Serving themes, 

    • Room modifications to maximize space and update teaching technologies, 

    • Lighting and sound updates in the Great Room to accommodate children large group time. 

    Thanks to all who participated and made this possible. Generations to come will be blessed and enriched by the facilities and the ministries they facilitate.