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Engage Retreat (Focus, Dec 2016)

01.31.17 | Students

    What does retreat mean to you? 

    For many, it’s a deeply negative word. It conjures up ideas of giving in or running from a battle worth fighting. For me, it invokes the idea of the fledgling army falling back to defeat their enemy with a strategically planned trap. This is our hope for Engage Retreat. That our students might fall back so they can sharpen their hearts, minds, and souls over a weekend. This year we fell back to Forest Glenn retreat center. We invited a few of our former UBC students to speak to current students about their experience of putting on the Character of Christ during their high school days. It was a special weekend to hear from former students that have been in the shoes of current ones just a few short years ago. It was also special to see the ministry to these undergrads and young adults when they were in high school come full circle so they might return and speak of the Lord’s work in their life even now.