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    Buckner Spring Break Serving Trip (Focus, Spring 2018)

    04.09.18 | Categories: Missions

    This was the third year UBC volunteers served in the colonia of Penitas, Texas, west of Mission. This serving trip continues to be a tremendous intergenerational opportunity that provides serving components for all ages. We taught “Business...

      Celebrate the Light (Focus, Dec 2016)

      01.31.17 | Categories: Missions

      Celebrate the Light  “Lighthouse of Hope,” which UBC hosted for over fifteen years, has been an enormously popular and successful event for local ministry partners at Christmastime. This year, with a new name, “Celebrate...

        Christmastime at UBC (Focus, Dec 2016)

        01.31.17 | Categories: Missions

        Ukraine is a country that has been stricken with much conflict and poverty. A young girl, Katya, was hosted as an orphan by a UBC family and attended UBC for a summer. She was from an orphanage in a region called Donetsk, which is very close to...

          Helping and Serving Refugees (Focus, Dec 2016)

          01.31.17 | Categories: Missions

          Houston has the distinction of resettling more refugees than any other part of the United States. These families, which come from devastated parts of the world, have the opportunity to heal and start their lives again in our country. In a bit of...

            Space Weekend (Focus, Dec 2016)

            01.31.17 | Categories: Missions

            October 1–2 was SpaceWeekend at UBC. Ninety-five international students (from ten different countries and multiple faith backgrounds) and their seventeen UBC host families gathered in the Chapel on Saturday night. As they got to know each...

              2016 Dominican Republic Teacher Mission Trip - Day 6

              07.20.16 | Categories: Missions

              After dinner on Monday night, I had a wonderful conversation with Ms. Loretta, the founder of IBQ, about where she and her husband had served as missionaries when they were younger. Ms. Loretta is 93 years young, has 3 children, 11...

                2016 Dominican Republic Teacher Mission Trip - Day 5

                07.18.16 | Categories: Missions

                On our last morning in Santiago, we were all excited to see pancakes on the buffet at breakfast! The breakfast was good every day; we always had mashed plantains, eggs, fried cheese and salami. But, we were happy to have something familiar. After...

                  2016 Dominican Republic Teacher Mission Trip - Day 3

                  07.16.16 | Categories: Missions

                  Today was our second day of training with the teachers at Colegio Bautista de la Gracia. We all saw a difference in our workshops today. Day one was a success, but as a teacher, you’re just more effective when you know more about those you...

                    2016 Dominican Republic Teacher Mission Trip - Day 2

                    07.15.16 | Categories: Missions

                    Today, we spent the day at Colegio Bautista de la Gracia, a private Christian school in Santiago. We worked with six preschool teachers, sixteen elementary teachers, and thirteen secondary teachers. The teachers made stained glass coffee filter...