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    Fall Semester @ UBC

    08.26.16 | Categories: General

    Join us at UBC for new and returning fall studies in preschool, children's, student and adult ministries! Visit the page for a list of classes or download a PDF of our fall line-up.  

      2016 Dominican Republic Teacher Mission Trip - Day 6

      07.20.16 | Categories: General

      After dinner on Monday night, I had a wonderful conversation with Ms. Loretta, the founder of IBQ, about where she and her husband had served as missionaries when they were younger. Ms. Loretta is 93 years young, has 3 children, 11...

        2016 Dominican Republic Teacher Mission Trip - Day 5

        07.18.16 | Categories: General

        On our last morning in Santiago, we were all excited to see pancakes on the buffet at breakfast! The breakfast was good every day; we always had mashed plantains, eggs, fried cheese and salami. But, we were happy to have something familiar. After...

          2016 Dominican Republic Teacher Mission Trip - Day 3

          07.16.16 | Categories: General

          Today was our second day of training with the teachers at Colegio Bautista de la Gracia. We all saw a difference in our workshops today. Day one was a success, but as a teacher, you’re just more effective when you know more about those you...

            2016 Dominican Republic Teacher Mission Trip - Day 2

            07.15.16 | Categories: General

            Today, we spent the day at Colegio Bautista de la Gracia, a private Christian school in Santiago. We worked with six preschool teachers, sixteen elementary teachers, and thirteen secondary teachers. The teachers made stained glass coffee filter...

              2016 Dominican Republic Teacher Mission Trip - Day 1

              07.14.16 | Categories: General

              We had a very smooth travel day. There was very little traffic on our way to the airport, and it only took an hour to check our bags and go through security. We had a five-hour layover in Miami, but we used the opportunity to get to know each...

                National Day of Prayer (Focus, Aug 2016)

                05.05.16 | Categories: General

                On May 5, 2016, Pastor Rick Carpenter and the Deacons coordinated a prayer activity that supported the National Day of Prayer. The UBC Prayer Room was open from 8 am to 8 pm for anyone to pray. Twenty-six deacons spent at least thirty minutes...

                  Palm Sunday: Festival of Praise (Focus, Apr 2016)

                  04.30.16 | Categories: General

                  At seven o’clock in the evening on Palm Sunday, March 20, the Bay Area community enjoyed a classical choral concert featuring University Baptist Church (UBC) and Clear Lake United Methodist Church choirs and orchestras in...