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    Communications Team (Focus, Spring 2017)

    05.31.17 | Categories: General

    UBC’s communication team has been busy this spring with several large projects and the addition of a new team member. We said goodbye to Courtney Barringer who took a position at USRA after working with us for several years and then said...

      Easter Springtacular

      05.31.17 | Categories: General

      Easter Springtacular was a morning full of smiles, laughter, and family. The weather made the day, April 1, just about perfect! Fun games and activities made up a lawn full of happy kids and smiling parents, and in case you missed it...

        Apprentice Groups (Focus, Spring 2017)

        05.31.17 | Categories: General

        To be a part of an Apprentice Group means you can share your story and hear others share their stories. You get the sense of a new way to experience God and to experience His power in your life while connecting with the church family across all...

          Personnel Updates

          05.31.17 | Categories: General | by Melissa Dutton

          Faith@Home Coordinator  Moving forward, making changes, thinking outside the box....some of the many things I love about working at UBC. Over the past 13 years that I have been the Director of Weekday Ministries, I have become very involved...

            Kids' Area Renovation Update (Feb 2017)

            02.19.17 | Categories: General

            The kids’ area renovation is making excellent progress. Ultimately, it will provide greater accommodation for our children, improve ease of transition between worship services, increase the functionality of space and enhance safety. In...

              Fall Festival 2016

              01.31.17 | Categories: General

              Fall Festival is a great opportunity to invite our neighbors and have them feel familiar with our campus and comfortable at UBC. Afterward, an invitation is extended to our guests to join us on Sundays and for our special Christmas services like...

                Pavilion Update (Focus, Aug 2016)

                08.31.16 | Categories: General

                The Pavilion funding has been used to dry it in and preserve the structure until funding is available for completion. We engaged a new architect to complete the detailed design of the roofing system and are currently out for bids. The initial...

                  Worship Center Update (Focus, Aug 2016)

                  08.31.16 | Categories: General

                  The Worship Center at UBC was originally built over thirty years ago in 1984; therefore, most of the wiring and some equipment date to that time. While the last major update of the sound and theatrical lights occurred in 1999, many media systems...