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    Communications Team (Focus, Spring 2017)

    05.31.17 | Categories: General

    UBC’s communication team has been busy this spring with several large projects and the addition of a new team member. We said goodbye to Courtney Barringer who took a position at USRA after working with us for several years and then said...

      Bible Drill (Focus, Spring 2017)

      05.31.17 | Categories: Children

      Bible Drill is an important part of the Spring Semester. It’s not just about learning to maneuver and work through the Bible, it’s about commitment. We had a great group of kids that followed through, even when it got hard, and...

        Royal Ambassadors (Focus, Spring 2017)

        05.31.17 | Categories: Children

        Karen, UBC’s Associate Pastor of Children’s Ministries, recently joined an RA prayer session and said, “Our boys are learning how to pray.” Not only were their prayer requests intentional, but most of the boys...

          Traditional Worship (Focus, Spring 2017)

          05.31.17 | Categories: Worship

          WORDS FROM GUY CAGLE  Interim Pastor of Worship Ministries, Guy Cagle, has been with UBC since January. He shares some of his thoughts about the year thus far:  “It has been an incredible time of blessing and healing for my...

            Easter Springtacular

            05.31.17 | Categories: General, Preschool

            Easter Springtacular was a morning full of smiles, laughter, and family. The weather made the day, April 1, just about perfect! Fun games and activities made up a lawn full of happy kids and smiling parents, and in case you missed it...

              Mission Friends (Focus, Spring 2017)

              05.31.17 | Categories: Preschool

              Preschoolers who attended Mission Friends this spring learned about missionaries and how they told others about Jesus in exciting classes lead by Kirk Heuiser, Melanie Cureton, Stephen Gardner, Paige Richeson, and Emily Skeeter.  Guatemala...

                Girls in Action (Focus, Spring 2017)

                05.31.17 | Categories: Children

                Our Girls In Action (GA’s) began in January with the twelve-week study My Big-Screen Adventure: Showing Jesus Around the World. We ended the study by showing the movie The Story of Jesus for Children on the Wednesday before Easter. The...

                  Women's Update (Focus, Spring 2017)

                  05.31.17 | Categories: Women

                  Bible Studies  Many groups were offered for women at different times during the week. Studies on Tuesday mornings were led by Kathy Bailey (Hebrews), three Thursday morning groups were led by Jenny Verghese (Hebrews), Shirley Owen (Precepts...

                    Primetimers On The Go (Focus, Spring 2017)

                    05.31.17 | Categories: Adults, Primetimers

                    On January 27, sixteen Primetimers enjoyed a meal together at Pappas BBQ and attended a heartwarming play. The show, Lost in Yonkers, set in Yonkers, NY in 1942, was performed at College of the Mainland. A special point of interest for us was the...

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