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    Children Giving to Children (Focus, Dec 2016)

    01.31.17 | Categories: Preschool

    Throughout the year, the children and the families of the Weekday Ministries program participated in a variety of mission projects:  October – Canned Food Drive  In October, we collected 275 cans of food to give to those in need...

      Fall Festival 2016

      01.31.17 | Categories: General, Preschool

      Fall Festival is a great opportunity to invite our neighbors and have them feel familiar with our campus and comfortable at UBC. Afterward, an invitation is extended to our guests to join us on Sundays and for our special Christmas services like...

        Contemporary Worship Ministries (Focus, Dec 2016)

        01.31.17 | Categories: Worship

        This past fall, Sound of Light travelled to Port Lavaca, TX to lead an energetic worship set for a large group of students at Calhoun High School. It was a blast to see these students worshipping and responding to God! We will be going back in...

          Celebrate the Light (Focus, Dec 2016)

          01.31.17 | Categories: Missions

          Celebrate the Light  “Lighthouse of Hope,” which UBC hosted for over fifteen years, has been an enormously popular and successful event for local ministry partners at Christmastime. This year, with a new name, “Celebrate...

            Christmastime at UBC (Focus, Dec 2016)

            01.31.17 | Categories: Missions

            Ukraine is a country that has been stricken with much conflict and poverty. A young girl, Katya, was hosted as an orphan by a UBC family and attended UBC for a summer. She was from an orphanage in a region called Donetsk, which is very close to...

              Helping and Serving Refugees (Focus, Dec 2016)

              01.31.17 | Categories: Missions

              Houston has the distinction of resettling more refugees than any other part of the United States. These families, which come from devastated parts of the world, have the opportunity to heal and start their lives again in our country. In a bit of...

                Space Weekend (Focus, Dec 2016)

                01.31.17 | Categories: Missions

                October 1–2 was SpaceWeekend at UBC. Ninety-five international students (from ten different countries and multiple faith backgrounds) and their seventeen UBC host families gathered in the Chapel on Saturday night. As they got to know each...

                  Tapestry Dinner (Focus, Dec 2016)

                  01.31.17 | Categories: Adults, Women

                    Tapestry Dinner is the largest outreach event of the year in Women’s Ministry. This year, we set a record for attendance as women brought friends and neighbors to share a meal around beautifully decorated tables and to hear a...