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    Tapestry Dinner (Focus, Dec 2016)

    01.31.17 | Categories: Adults, Women

      Tapestry Dinner is the largest outreach event of the year in Women’s Ministry. This year, we set a record for attendance as women brought friends and neighbors to share a meal around beautifully decorated tables and to hear a...

      Pavilion Update (Focus, Aug 2016)

      08.31.16 | Categories: General

      The Pavilion funding has been used to dry it in and preserve the structure until funding is available for completion. We engaged a new architect to complete the detailed design of the roofing system and are currently out for bids. The initial...

        Worship Center Update (Focus, Aug 2016)

        08.31.16 | Categories: General

        The Worship Center at UBC was originally built over thirty years ago in 1984; therefore, most of the wiring and some equipment date to that time. While the last major update of the sound and theatrical lights occurred in 1999, many media systems...

          Kids' Area Renovation Update (Focus, Aug 2016)

          08.31.16 | Categories: Children

          The kids’ area renovation is making excellent progress. Ultimately, it will provide greater accommodation for our children, improve ease of transition between worship services, increase the functionality of space and enhance safety. In...

            Fall Semester @ UBC

            08.26.16 | Categories: General

            Join us at UBC for new and returning fall studies in preschool, children's, student and adult ministries! Visit the page for a list of classes or download a PDF of our fall line-up.  

              CentriKid Preteen Camp (Focus, Aug 2016)

              08.05.16 | Categories: Children

              On Monday, August 1, fifty-five kids and thirteen sponsors loaded up and headed to Trinity Pines Baptist Encampment for an amazing week at CentriKid Preteen Camp, an overnight camp for 3rd–6th graders to experience the time of their lives...

                Kamp Kindness (Focus, Aug 2016)

                08.01.16 | Categories: Children

                At Kamp Kindness, a three-day summer mission camp hosted by UBC, kids are put to work doing random acts of kindness. This summer’s camp almost topped out with nineteen kids and eight participating adults! The kids experienced the hustles...

                  Kamp Kaboom (Focus, Aug 2016)

                  07.28.16 | Categories: Children

                  This summer was our second year to offer Kamp Kaboom, a camp that uses science to draw kids attention to Christ. This year’s camp was under the leadership of Robin Mayeau, who was assisted by Nicole Bartel, Becky Eanes, Shelly Jordan and...