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2016 Dominican Republic Teacher Mission Trip - Day 6

07.20.16 | General, Missions

    After dinner on Monday night, I had a wonderful conversation with Ms. Loretta, the founder of IBQ, about where she and her husband had served as missionaries when they were younger.

    Ms. Loretta is 93 years young, has 3 children, 11 grandchildren, and 32 great-grandchildren. She told me about her time in Cuba before Castro took over, and how she and her husband were forced out of the country. She also stated that she served as a missionary in Mexico and Guatemala, before coming to the Dominican Republic.

    Ms. Loretta told me that she lived in the Corpus Christi area (when not in the Dominican Republic). I told her that I had a friend from my college days at Baylor University that was from there, but I did not mention her name. Ms. Loretta then invited me into her small room and I saw a picture of my college friend’s children. I was so surprised to find out that she knew her.

    We were all very excited about our first day of training at IBQ with the teachers from the Santo Domingo area. Our team was divided into four groups today due to the large number of elementary teachers. Our groups were arranged as follows: Preschool, Elementary (1­–2), Elementary (3–5), Secondary (6–12).