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2016 Dominican Republic Teacher Mission Trip - Day 2

07.15.16 | General, Missions

    Today, we spent the day at Colegio Bautista de la Gracia, a private Christian school in Santiago. We worked with six preschool teachers, sixteen elementary teachers, and thirteen secondary teachers. The teachers made stained glass coffee filter crafts, tried to get out of a human knot, and built spaghetti towers. They drew peacocks with crayons and watercolors, built balloon rockets, and sang silly songs. There were lessons on classroom management, cooperative grouping, and building relationships. They learned about classroom organization, lesson planning, and learning styles. Each teacher went home with a folder full of notes and handouts, a notebook, index cards, sticky notes, pens, and door prizes. The door prizes were more school supplies, of course! We are all very grateful for the donations and support we received for our friends, families, and churches. They will definitely be put to good use.