Illumination Arts Ministry

Illumination Arts Ministry

Tuesday, June 19, 2018, 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Location: University Baptist Church (UBC) , 16106 Middlebrook Dr, Houston, TX US 77059


Visual artists and art lovers are invited to join this artist community for fellowship and spiritual, artistic and personal growth as Christ is honored through art.

Artist: Annette Kinslow

Annette Kinslow has made jewely for 15 years. She has taught at many venues nation wide, such as Beadfest Philadephia, the Tucson Bead show & bead shops too numerous to metion. Her wire jewelry has been published 3 times in 2 magazines & online.

Kinslow gets much of her inspiration from ancient designs, materials, and techniques. She works with wire techniques that are 5,000 years old. The advent of wire represented a vast step forward in man’s use and exploration of metals, both functionally and decoratively. It is in the spirit of these ancient artisans that Annette approaches each piece she designs.  Her use of copper and silver wire reflects the value placed on these metals throughout history. Glass too, is important in Kinslow’s work.  For many of her pieces, she creates and uses her own dichroic glass—a process first exploited by the ancient Greeks and Romans. Other items Kinslow uses to fabricate her highly personal, dynamic art jewelry are unusual or “found” elements such as ethnic beads, vintage items, and sea glass from beaches around the the country.  No matter what material she uses, Kinslow is always aware of and working with the contrast of the light between the wire and the glass and other objects she uses.

Cost for supplies: $20 

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