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Faces of Community


Jan 21 – A Community Captive (Exod 1:6-14; Deut 6:10-12, 15:12-15, 16:9-12, 24:17-22)—While the account of the family of Israel living in Egypt is rather brief, the actual time (estimated 400 years) covers practically 25% of the historical window of the Old Testament. That time of captivity would remain in Israel’s collective DNA throughout the rest of their biblical story. The Lord’s commands were that the Israelites should always remember that they were once aliens, wanderers, and slaves, especially when they encountered people who were outsiders and downtrodden themselves. The marks of compassion and kindness were to always be on display by the community of God who represented Him, the One who loves all people equally.

Jan 14 – A Community Promised (Gen 12:1-3, 13:14-17, 22:15-18, 26:1-7)  Although the story of Israel’s history can begin with just one man and his immediate family, the early accounts of the Patriarchs reveals God’s plan from the outset to develop a community that would be known as his. The covenant promise made to Abraham, and then reaffirmed to Isaac and to Jacob, emphasized God’s plan to build a nation, comprised of people from different walks of life, that would be centered around himself. They would grow in number and be settled in a land they could call home. But he wasn’t just developing a community for the people’s best interests, he was doing so that they might become an agent of God’s best interests for all nations. This strategy of a blessed, God-centered community, seeking the well being of all peoples, is a strategy that continues in an ever expanding form still today.


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Jan 7 – 2018: A Year in Preview  As we look ahead to this brand new year, I wonder what the Lord might have in store for our church and for you as an individual. There are numerous opportunities we already know about and have planned, and there will undoubtedly be spontaneous circumstances and events for which no planning could prepare us. But we do trust and believe that the Lord is ready and willing to walk with us through this next year, strengthening our faith in him as we Belong to one another, Prepare for growth and service, and Serve the Lord in the work he is accomplishing in our world.

Dec 31 – 2017: A Year in Review  As we look back at 2017, its news, stories, highs and lows, we’ll revisit major stories from around our city, country and world. We’ll also look back at a year’s worth of worship, ministry, and service at UBC.