Children's Check-In

Sunday Morning Check-in

If you're bringing children to UBC for the first time, here are a few things you need to know:

  • Allow time to get your child checked in or registered at one of the computer stations before taking them to their classrooms. We suggest arriving at least 15 minutes before the class starts.
  • All kids must register at one of the computer stations (there are two in the Welcome Center on the 2nd-floor Kids Suite) before going to their classrooms.
  • Children, grades 1-3 must be escorted to their classrooms and picked up after the service by an adult (or preteen sibling) with a claim tag. No first through third-grade child will be released without a valid security claim tag.

If you are looking for age appropriate classrooms:

  • 1st floor - Early Childhood (infant to Kindergarten)
  • Second floor - Elementary (grades 1-5)

What to expect at check-in:

A guest relations team member in the Children's Ministry Welcome Room will hand you:

  • A name tag for your child
  • A name tag for the classroom roster
  • 2 security claim tags - keep one for the person(s) picking up the child. Claim tags will have only a security ID number, no name.

Walk your children to their classrooms and place the second name tag on the classroom roster.

Picking Up Your Kids

We ask that you pick up your child as soon as the service or class ends so that we can release our team members when all of the children have been picked up. To uphold our safety value, we will not release a child to anyone other than the person who holds the security claim tag that matches the child’s name tag. Ask for your child by name and present your claim tag. Your claim tag and your child’s name tag will be matched before you will be allowed to leave the area.

If the claim tag is lost or misplaced, you must show photo identification to a staff person to pick up your child.


more info

Children's Ministries, 281-488-8517 x225