Children's Ministries

Kids matter at UBC! The elementary years are vitally important in the physical, mental and spiritual development of a child. It is our desire to partner with parents to see kids' lives transformed into spiritual champions!

At UBC, we partner with parents to lead kids to Know God intimately, Love God passionately, and Serve God selflessly.

Critical opportunity to serve in Children’s Ministry during the 9:30 hour! We are currently searching for 2 people who will take the opportunity to invest in the lives of children. If you are interested in making a significant difference in the life of a child, then we would invite you to be a part of our awesome Children’s Ministry leadership team! Commit to helping children know God intimately, love God passionately, and serve God selflessly. For more info, contact  or call 281.488.8517. 


Sundays for Kids

Sundays are FUN days for kids at UBC! Sunday mornings offer various Bible study opportunities and settings, with music, food, and discipleship in the evenings.


Summer Adventures 2019

Summer 2019 is around the corner! Join us for a summer of adventure!


Spiritual Journey & Baptism

Classes and information to help our kids grow in their walks with Christ.


Missions Adventure

Boys and girls both learn about and get involved in mission opportunities through Girls in Action and Royal Ambassadors!


Parent Resources

Trustworthy resources providing spiritual insight and guidance for raising a healthy child in today’s world.


Just for Kids

Biblical education is so much more than just books! View interactive online videos, games and stories that teach children more about God’s Word.


Photo Gallery

If a picture says a thousand words, then these pictures say it all!  


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Parents, while we thank you for the privilege of sharing in the spiritual development of your child's life, we recognize that most of this spiritual development happens at home. We believe giving kids experiences of fun and fellowship while they learn to trust God in their lives also brings their families into a closer relationship with each other and with God.

There are FIVE FAITH SKILLS that we believe that every child should master:

  • Navigate the Bible - Survey and Locate
  • Personalize Scripture - Memorize and Apply
  • Pray - Public and Private
  • Articulate Faith - Share and Defend
  • Worship with their Life - Praise and Serve

It is an honor to be a part of a partnership with parents and volunteers who share in the calling to introduce kids to Christ and help them grow in their faith.


more info

Children's Ministry, 281-488-8517